Sports day at the Dragon

I have spent the last two days with the intense desire to write on my day spent in Oxford…It all started rather well as we were able to find the right parking place… sounds funny yet life is made up of little insignificant details… Next the weather was on our side, neither cold nor hot a rare event in England…

So starts a day a day dedicated to watching the prodigies of our children…what is so impressive is the total commitment seen on the faces of those children… it is as if the whole world depended on the outcome of their competition. Such seriousness such dedication I can only say it is totally charming and inspiring.

The tow rope was a wonder of red faces, screaming, pulling, tugging, and at the end incredible cheering.. The world seems for a moment to have found a perfect equilibrium where teachers students and parents are joined together forgetting the crazy event taking place around them… Just two days  before bombs, horror, suffering and incredible pain. Yet there is redemption and children are our redemption making life worth living giving a meaning to all the hardships one has to overcome.

Back to the track to the hope and the glory… Hurdles was amusing although very fast and short… Not enough time to enjoy the effort…

Finally we arrive at the High Jump which changed everything… It took place in a secluded part of the grounds allowing for greater concentration both for the participants and for the spectators. 

So the jumps begin with a succession of children showing that it really does matter, that it is important to compete regardless of ability, race or sex, this in itself is an inspiration.  As I watch those faces approach the jump I get a little insight into their world.  Brave yet shy, courageous, determined, it is almost frightening to have such an insight into somebody else through a jump.

The first rounds come and go… one jump succeeds the next and the next until you start realizing that some of the faces you liked so much are no longer jumping… the names run away faster that light yet a few remain… one for example “Fish” a young boy with a determination and a desire to succeed that was an inspiration.

We are now down to the last three competitors and the students, parents and teachers begin to feel that something in the air is different.. Silence descends and slowly creeps into the crowd making them realize the importance of the moment…

The first boy reaches the bar with hope yet deep down he knows that he has reached his limit, that overcoming this one more obstacle is no longer an option…

The second boy has the bearing of a champion, he is a strong jumper and each pore in his body exudes confidence.  The third boy is the underdog… he has confidence strength and a lightness of bearing that is inspiring. 

As they approach the jump the boys seem to be looking for some sort of divine inspiration that will help them help them overcome this one more obstacle… By some miracle inspiration is found and the bar keeps on going up and up.  The crowd is in awe and the boys feel the tension.  After each jump the walk back to the starting position is slow, calm and collected.  Before the next jump a few seconds are taken to stretch.  Is it theatre or is real… we will never know, what is obvious is that this is a great competition and the boys are living up to our expectations.

The run up to the final jump is carried out with a hopeful and joyous face waiting to soar towards glory towards victory towards redemption for us all.



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2 responses to “Sports day at the Dragon

  1. Elaine Tack

    Beautiful! Keep writing!
    Thank you for the wonderful hike,picnic and views from high above Positano and the Amalfi Coast!

  2. Elaine Tack

    Beautiful! Keep writing!
    Thank you for the wonderful hike,picnic and views high above the Amalfi Coast!

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